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60 Day Home Guarantee

     We take pride in our work and want you to be happy with our service and thats why we guarantee it. Thats why all of our inspections come with a 60 day home guarantee. You may ask what the difference between a home guarantee and a home warranty is. Well, they are different and there's a good reason we chose one over the other. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the two.

What does a Home Inspection Guarantee mean for the customer?

- It means that in the unlikely event that a minor repair is needed for something that should have been discovered within the scope of a home inspection*, we will pay up to $1,000 to get it corrected, no deductible. A home inspection covers hundreds of points and after all inspectors are only human, and most defects can easily be repaired for far less than $1,000.

Some other Home Inspection companies offer a 60-day warranty. Is that better?

- The 60-day warranties offered by some home inspection companies are, in our opinion, a marketing gimmick. They exclude most everything such as any item that is more than 10 years old (read the warranty agreements) and many other components in a home. Also, as with all home warranties there is a deductible, and many items are excluded or denied. Since “Home Warranty” companies have such a bad reputation, or exclude so many things, we decided to offer our clients a better guarantee of our work. Our guarantee is different in that if it should have been found, we’ll pay to fix it* – with no deductible. We do suggest that you purchase a full one year home warranty from a reputable company to cover major repairs that may arise (such as a furnace, hot water heater, or other large appliance), but call us first if something fails that we should have caught within the coverage period.

Is this the same as a Home Warranty?

- No. The Home Inspection Guarantee is not a Home Warranty. It is in place to cover defects that we should have found within the scope of a home inspection, but didn’t. A Home Warranty covers items that did work at the time of inspection, but fail at a later date.

What does this guarantee cover?

- It covers items that should have been caught during an inspection, but got past us. Examples include a switch or receptacle that doesn’t work, a broken window, a faulty faucet, even broken garage door spring. We will cover the cost of repair up to $1,000 if needed. It is our experience that things missed are very minor, and usually easily fixed. Our saying is catch 100% of the major defects, and 99% of the minor ones. We are humans, and well trained ones of course, but sometimes small things slip through the cracks.

What is not covered?

- Items that were functioning normally on the day of the inspection, but fail sometime after the inspection       (Latent defects).

- Defects that could not have been discovered at the inspection. These include leaks from a roof if there  was no rain or moisture at time of inspection.

- Items that could not be checked due to lack of utility service.

- Drain blockage of any kind. We run lots of clear water through drains, but cannot predict blockage due to normal use (toilet paper, food debris, soap suds, waste, etc)

- Items that are more than 20 years old as they are simply past their service life.

- Items noted in the report as in need of repair or at the end of their expected service life.

- Items that were concealed, not accessible, or not operable at time of inspection.

- Secondary property damage, such as water damage.

- Any item that has been serviced after the inspection without prior notice to us.

- Any items repaired without having contacted us first.

Is there a time limit?

- Since this is a guarantee of our work, and not a warranty, it does have a time limit. You need to let us know right away if something is wrong. You have 60 days from your inspection, or 30 days from closing (wichever comes later) to contact us with a claim.

Are there other restrictions?

- You must notify us prior to making any repairs. If repairs are performed without notifying us first, the Guarantee is void. We do not reimburse clients for repairs performed without prior approval. We reserve the right to verify that the item should have been included in the report, that it is within the scope of a home inspection, and have an opportunity to have a contractor of our choice perform the repair.

Items that can be repaired will not be replaced if repairs can be performed.

Is this just a way to limit the Company’s liability?

- No. We still maintain business insurance if something unthinkable were to happen. This program is simply to give you the confidence that we will do a good job as promised, or we will take care of it.

How do I sign up?

- You don't need to. All our home inspections come with it, so you can have piece of mind hiring us.

     Any repairs must be for items that fall within the scope of a home inspection. The scope of a home inspection is defined in our Standards of Practice, and in our Inspection Agreement. Items that do not fall within the scope of a home inspection are not covered. Examples include sprinkler systems, window coverings, concealed defect (inside walls, under flooring, etc.), and items not observable due to ambient or environmental conditions, items that were not accesible at the time of inspection due to personal items, locked rooms, lack of utilities or concealed, are excluded. Home inspectors do not move personal items. Inspector must be notified prior to any repairs being performed or guarantee is void.


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