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Our inspections are state of the art. We use the most modern methods and equipment on the market today, to make sure every aspect of your home is safe and functional. So, you can move in with piece of mind knowing your investment was a good one. These examples just scratch the surface of what a home inspection entails. 100's of points are gone over thoroughly.

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Certification# 14127

We can see in walls and floors... Using infrared cameras of course. Do you have in floor radiant heating? Let us make sure all areas are working properly.

We test for combustible gasses becasue  sometimes small leaks are undetectable by smell, so specialized equipment is used to find them.

Is the water temperature in your house safe? Scalding can burn and injure, especially small children and the ederly. We'll find out by testing the temp at the faucets.

Electricity is something we don't always think about, but can pose serious risk if not operating as it should. Electrical malfuntions are the leading cause of fire in the U.S., but with our equipment we can make sure its safe and functional.

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